We always thrive for the best and with diversity culture involved in our company we dedicate our game for gamers world wide. We believe this comes across in our game and hope it will bring the most valuable gaming experience ever.



Eyugame is one of the top gaming company in China who developed browser and social mobile games. We were established in 2009, started with a small team of experienced people and currently are expanding in a rapid pace. We have more than 500 diverse employees in 3 different branches and our game is available in more than 100 countries.
Our goal is to be the best in the field where we can provide fun, social interactive and enjoyment to the players world wide. This has triggered us to drive forward, aim higher and look inside to always improve and be the "one".



Sweat and Work

Behind every bit of our game are consist of the hardwork of a lot of people.


We always value diversity which help us understand different cultures to provide the best gaming experience world wide.


Hardwork alone is not enough, never give up is the key for us to keep moving forward.


Competing with time, is a necessity to be efficient so we can always keep up with the market.